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AoE 1-player Scenarios

Add your scenario by e-mailing  me . Be sure to include all the required information and attach the apropriate file.


Tropical Islands 

Put the scenario in your aoe scenario folder and put the bitmap in your aoe main folder. 
Description: Nice scenery. Looks like somewhere in Hawaii.You are given some villagers and a small war party to build up a town and defeat your enemy. 
Story: One of your enemies, the Assyrian tribe, has stolen 8 of your artifacts. You have been sent to the tropical islands of Assyrian territory to recover them.  
       (132 K) by
Chris Wilson, 1 player (98/06/20)  

A Mazing 

A real challenge lies ahead of you. There is a piece of land said to be sacred and powerful, hidden in the valleys of this land. Your previous explorers found this site some time ago and marked it with a flag, but they were soon overcome by locals. Your task is to locate this land and build a temple near the flag. Good luck.... you'll need it. 
      (23 K) by
Steve Bonham, 1 player (98/05/31)  

7 VS 1 Really Neat Scenario 

It is really neat and it is called 7 VS 1 Really Neat Scenario.  
      (62 K) by
Eric Cerwick, 1 player (98/05/03) 


So much like the real Italy. Probably my best map besides the one i submitted in the contest. I used an encyclopedia to make this one. You are given 2 priests and 3 phalanx.  
      (138 K) by
Chris Wilson, 1 player (98/04/19)  


I used a encyclopedia to make this map. I tried to make it as much as Australia al i could. Story: You are the Australians. A few months ago Japan used up all of their resouces. They invaded your country of Australia by total surprise and completely ran you over.  
      (123 K) by
Chris Wilson, 1 player (98/04/19)  

2 Bridges 

You start out on a small desert with a small # of resources. You have to fight your way across a semi-guarded bridge to get more. After that you have to push your mighty armies past a small bridge thats heavily guarded.  
      (128 K) by
Chris Wilson, 1 player (98/04/19)  

The Golden Fleece 

Jason must travels through several Puzzling Islands to capture various artefacts and the Golden Fleece. He has the argonauts to help him. This scenario includes several battles and puzzles and is quite difficult. I would recommend saving regularly. Email me at if you want a complete walkthrough.  
      (55 K) by
Stephen, 1 player (98/03/19) 


This scenario only requires your skills as a field general, as no resources and build-up is involved. Make your way past a hostile defending army to get a gift to your King. Good use of the natural coverage and elevation of the terrain should help you out.  
The scenario needs the Battlefield.scn file as well as the battlefield.per file.  
       (116 K) by
Jurgen van Eck, 1 player (98/03/11)  

The Return of Jason 

This scenario was inspired by the excellent "Let my people go". It's a puzzle solving journey back to your own people to regain your homeland. I have tried to make the puzzles as original as possible. It is quite difficult in spots and does require a lot of thought but each puzzle is solvable. I've thrown in some battles on land and sea just to round out the scenario. I have tested it extensively and found no problems but please email me ( 
      (72 K) by
Stephen, 1 player (98/03/10) 

The jungle 

It is a single player game with 5 players. It is set in a jungle with a tangled maze of rivers. Good scouting is an key strategies. note-please don't show the mini map!!!!!!!  
       (170 K) by
Matt W., 1 player (98/03/10)  

Rescue Mission 

It is the Iron age; after generations of war the savages to the west have captured your villagers and are holding them in prison to keep you from your ultimate goal - the construction of a wonder. And to flaunt their brutish ways, they have just constructed a wonder of their own. Your powerful army and the fortitude of your villagers is your final hope. Attack your enemy, free your people, and construct a mighty wonder within your own walls.  
      (31 K) by
Mark Lindholm, 1 player (98/03/04)  

The Battle Of Britain

Its the age of the Romans. they dominate all countries they plunder and manage a huge empire. But they wish to move to England where mining is good and there are plently of timber sites.  

You must defend your tribe aganst the powerful Romans. they are a deadly tribe and have Europe in their hands. A tip would be the African gold mines are yet to be captured...  
       (25 K) by
Rob, 1 player (98/02/16)  

World War BC 

This is my finest scenario so far. It includes my own world map for AoE. Thanks for downloading it and I hope you enjoy playing. There may be a campaign coming also.  

Five nations are in battle for World Domination. Britain, USA, China, Germany & Russia. Each tribe is uniquely different and will battle till th detah. This tribal war will change the face of the world for ever, so make sure yoiu make it for the better.  
      (32 K) by
Rob, 1 player (98/02/16)  

Eye of the Storm 

A basic build-and-destroy map, with plenty of resources if you can find the right places. The key for survival is exploration to find a more strategic stronghold to keep your enemys of your back.  
      (30 K) by
David Lindhe, 1 player (98/02/08)  

Escape of the Tribe 

In this scenario, you start out just leaving your transport from your old country, your mission is to reach your new city at the bottom of the map. The only catch is that you will have to make the venture through the enemies' city. This is a hard scenario that definetlely requires more brains than brawn. Its definitely beatable, but make sure you take your time.  
      (10 K) by
Arthur the Great, 1 player (98/02/04)  

Tang Invasion 

This is a continuation of the Tang Invasion scenario. The last time the Tang atacked you were able to stop the attack (if you didn't play my last scenario you should play it first). However, the Yamato suffered heavy losses and another Tang army took the capital. There wasn't even a battle, the army walked into the city, which didn't have defenses, fought a few soldiers and destroyed the emperor's palace.  
      (21 K) by
Luis, 1 player (98/01/27) 

Hectors Return 

It's you against Alexander and the Babylonian city he resides in. Can you take the city in the clouds and rule your lands fairly? Good planning coupled with your great command and control will win the day. Scenario outline and description in game.  
      (62 K) by
Paul Ridout, 1 player (98/01/26)  

The Ancient Ring of Wisdom 

This scenario, The Ancient Ring of Wisdom, is a single player mission in which you face 3 computer opponents. You have to destroy the one that betrayed you, and retrieve The Ancient Ring of Wisdom, an important artifact.  
It's a challenging scenario, with which you'll have lots of fun. You are advised NOT TO CHANGE THE SETTINGS, 'cause you'll probably ruin the challenge.  
       (25 K) by
K., 1 player 3cp (98/01/11) 

Navig uprising 

You the Navig start at the north end of the lake. Resources are plentiful, but you will need them to win the battle. The AVE and LAUP tribes are advancing through the ages quickly. You must do the same and claim the lake and the surrounding area for yourself. This is my first upload, I have a campaign in the making and need constructive criticism, as to how easy\hard you experts out there find this scenario.  
This is pure fantasy and not based on any historical location or time.  
      (41 K) by
Paul Ridout, 1 player (98/01/11)  

Lord of the land 

You are the lord of this island and your castle occupies the top of the island. There are three other small villages on the island, but they have become tired of being ruled by you and have allied together to try to over throw you. You must defeat the traitorous villagers.  
      (31 K) by
Neil Rodgers, 1 player (98/01/05)  


This is a nice single player scenario. You have two allies and three enimies. All computer players will make massive attacks with 20 or 30 units and are licensed to kill. I have made your allies fight with fewer units than the enemy so you will have to help them out of you wanna win :)  
      (50 K) by
Brian Chau, 1 player (97/12/25)  

Deathmatch Axeman 

This scenario is a demonstation of the Deathmatch axeman rush the way the computer does it. I've tried to make it as hard as I can. Anyone who beats this the scenario without cheating have to be excellent players.  
      (18 K) by
Brian Chau, 1 player (97/12/23)  

Tang Invasion 

The Tang emperor has ordered an inmediate destruction of the Yamato clan. Some Yamato scouts have recently reported a huge Tang army headed straight to the Yamato capital. The Yamato, now weakened by all their battles against the Tang, recruited almost every men in town to serve the army. The Tang have penetrated the city defenses. Its up to you to save the Yamato clan.  
      (20 K) by
Luis, 1 player (97/12/18)  

The Summit 

"The Summit" is a 1 vs 5 CP game with custom AI's and PER's. It's pretty safe to say, that it's quite tough. It is specifically designed to be a singleplayer scenario and can not be used for anything else. STORY : Basically the story is that 2 Phoenician high priest's are summoned to a decisive meeting in a temple behind enemy lines. One priest is in the colony Carthage to the far West - and the other is in your "hometown" Tyre in the East. The player has to guide the priest's to this meeting - if you do you win.  
      (286 K) by
Hamlet, 1 player (97/12/07)  

Ohlove's World 

This is a nice not too tough map. You start with 2 opponents. There are some rumors that there is a strong culture called XENEN. Itīs better not to disturb their sleep but you have to. The legend said if you disturb their sleep they will wake up and become strong again.  
Winning: Catch all 5 Artefacts and 7 ruins of the XENEN and you will be the master of the continent.  
      (58 K) by
ohlove, 1 player (97/11/27) 

The Siege 

You take control of a newly constructed castle that is about to fall under siege. You start with limited resources (you did just buy a castle after all), but have a developed community with a small village and quarry. Make sure and set the difficulty on Hardest to help simulate te feel of an invasion and siege. The computer set-up has been tuned for this. While you may feel overwhelmed at first, remember to keep your eyes open and use the castle effectively. Please email any suggestions/ideas to Oh yeah, and have fun!  
      (36 K) by
Chris Cameron, 1 player (97/11/20)  

Death Rider 

On this map, you start off with 4 soldiers and a towncenter and three servants. The computer has a huge base but is put in defensive mode so it won't attack. This seems like a very fun map; when I played it, it lasted for 3 hours.  
       (15 K) by
Mike Edwards, 1 player (97/11/09)  

All Out War
Destroy all Greek wonders if you can get to them

Siege of Troy
This is the famous 10 year siege of Troy in Homer's "Iliad and the Odyssey." The city of Troy is surrounded on all sides. Get your people on the city and fight for all your worth. this scenario is fun to play on both sides. If you have a really fast network try a multiplayer game. It's really fun
    Brandon Archibald

Walls of Babylon
2-langage : german/english
-Also for slower computers
-You need AI-File: Babylon Sword Wonder
    Arno Ditscheid

The Jihad
You are King of an Islamic Clan who battles against six other clans for power of the Holy Lands of the Middle East
    Joe Deneen

End of the World
The End of the world is comming. You have 9000 years (1:15) to live. The team that is in the lead will win. Kill the other team before they kill you!

Civil War
A map of the U.S. with the "Union" on one side(players 1-2) and the "Confederacy"(players 3-4) on the other. You may edit the resources or whatever you may want

Battle of the Pyramids
You are the horseback-riding Mamelukes of Egypt. Protect the temples from the invading 'French'. The Pyramids are a backdrop to this battle. No building involved-just hack and slay
    Louis Nguyen


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