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AoE 4 - player Scenarios

Add your scenario by e-mailing  me . Be sure to include all the required information and attach the apropriate file.

Dark_Tides (6 K) by Mryswith, 4 players (98/04/25) 

Here is a 4 player scenario on a tiny map. 
There are limited resources and you start on your elevated corner of the map. The objective is to conquer all or capture the one ruin in the middle for 2000 years. 
Have fun. 

War For minerals (82 K) by Peter, 4 players (98/03/20) 

You will have to fight hard for your resources. All resources except wood are in the center. 

Isle (25 K) by Koh Ting-giap, 4 players (97/12/11) 

A combination of water and land. Can be won by capturing all the 8 ruins or 5 artifacts or Conquest. 

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide (11 K) by Warhaven, 4 players (97/11/15) 

This map is a good conversion of the famous Warcraft2 pud. For those sorry and tormented souls who have not played War2, there are four players. Each player starts on oppesite corners of the map with a large barrier of trees seperating them. As the name says, there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. :)  

Landbridge (19 K) by Khangas, 4 player FFA or 2 on 2 (97/11/15) 

Players start in one of the corners and all of the islands are connected by a landbridge.  
There is a powerful renegade tribe centered where the landbridge devides to each island.  
Your objective is to defeat the renegade tribe so that you can gain access to your opponents islands. 

Cross the Alps (32 K) by Warhaven, 4 players (97/11/15) 

Cross the Alps is an extremely rocky map. It works best with four players. There is an oasis in the middle which could very well put you on top so try your best to control it. The main food is elephants so sharpen your spears. If you find any problems or suggestions, please mail them to me, Warhaven. 

Sidon (82 K) by Sidon, 4 players (97/11/12) 

The ancient Phoenician city of Sidon is the backdrop in a struggle for supremacy by 4 local warring tribes. There are 6 different ways for winning, which one will be yours? 

Water Hole (24 K) by Mike Edwards, 4 players (97/11/08) 

This is just a fun map with lots of trees and water on it. It's good for long games because of all its resources. 

The Swamps (46 K) by Mike Edwards, 4 players (97/11/08) 

This map is a medium map that is covered in swamps. It has four big islands for you to build on. This is a good long gaming map. 

Four Corners (14 K) by Mike Edwards, 4 players or Single Player (97/11/08) 

This is a multiplayer and single player map. This map is made of mostly water and its main resource is fish. You start out on an island on one of the four corners and play the one who conquers all wins. 

The Nile River (15 K) by Mike Edwards, 4 players or Single Player (97/11/08) 

This map is a picture of a huge river in Africa you start out by mostly fishing in this game. your starting buildings are 3 fishing boats three men and a town center. The object is to conquer ever one on the map. 

Fortification (28 K) by Mike Edwards, 4 players or Single Player (97/11/08) 

This a multiplayer and single player map. You start off fortified by a wall and guard towers this is so any rushers can't take you down as easy. I would call this map a beginner map. It shows how to stay alive for longer and it lets them have a chance to stay in the game. 

The Pavilion of the Gods (65 K) by Ian Hoskins, 4 players or Single Player (97/11/05) 

Large Map; 4 Player or Single Player, with one Computer player.  
To win you must reach the Iron Age, Defeat the Harman tribe, and stockpile 1000 gold. This is quite a long scenario. It took me 4 hours to complete when I first playtested it. To make it harder for mutliplayer make it a 2 vs 2 or FFA game. That should make it hard enough to finish.  
By: Ian Hoskins,, 

Hell's Gate (24 K) by Mike Edwards, 4 players (97/11/02) 

This map has many things on it, it has stone to fish and it is very fun. You can have hour long games on this map and you will never run out of stuff. Personally i like this map a lot and i spent a lot of time creating it so enjoy. 

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