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AoE Campaigns

Add your campaign by E-mailing  ME . Be sure to include all the required information and attach the apropriate file.  

The Phoenician Saga (265 K) by Chondricht (98/05/31) 

The Phoenician Saga lands you in command of a small army to lead a raid against the Minoan Forces that have been warring with your for Centuries. Guide your Villagers through the forests and highlands as you make your way to the Minoan Capitol and Face both of the great leaders of the Minoan Empire. Victory is at hand, that is... if you can lead your troops well. 

AOE strategy (72 K) by The Cataphract (98/05/01) 

This campaign will give you many powerful strategies to exploit. 

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (562 K) by Joey (98/03/15) 

This campaign is a historical account of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. It starts from the factual beginnings of Rome (Etruscan battles), covers much of Rome's history (the Three Punic Wars, Julius Caesar, Republic to Empire, Anthony and Cleoptra, Christian persecution etc...) and ends at the rise of the Byzantine Empire and the "Dark Ages". 

On The Spirits of Animals and Men (364 K) by Bob Foust (98/02/22) 

This is an Iron and Post-Iron Age Campaign for those of you who are a bit tired of always starting from scratch.  
Your civilization has lived in relative peace for over one thousand years. Because of your safety, you have become soft, slow, an easy target. Many of your once trusted allies have turned against you and have betrayed your trust. 

Atlantis (363 K) by an McLaughlin or Craig Morash (98/02/19) 

This campaign is based on the fable of Alantis. It begins in the stone age and ends with the discovery and conquest of Alantis in the iron era. This campaign involves nine scenarios that utilize a few custom AI files. To play this game you must copy the four short personality files to the Data directory in Age of Empires. You must also copy the .cpn file into the campaign folder as well. This will not change or overwrite any files. 

The Quest of the Maze Seekers (436 K) by Corran Horn1 (98/02/18) 

The Great Maze Keeper has stolen the map to the greatest maze of all. Your leader wants you, the maze seekers, to follow the Maze Keeper through his mazes and recover the map. This is my 2nd campaign. (1st submitted) 

Katurian Quest (423 K) by Maxillian (98/02/17) 

9 scenarios Difficulty: Moderate to Hard  
This is a campaign to retrieve an artifact from a evil dictator named Nalicor who stole it. It goes from the initial attack to the final battle at the evil one's fortress. A great storyline, 9 scenarios, and a special .per file make this a challenge to remember.  
Must put the Rourven.per file in the data directory. 

Priests of the Silver Order (277 K) by zx75 (98/02/13) 

You are Amon Ra, and amature priest from Egypt, recently you have been contacted by a mysterious group known only as the Silver Order. There have been rumors for years about this group and the vast holdings they have. Rumor has it that a group of very powerful priests many years ago set off on their own to build an empire, but with all their power they did not have enough influence to persuade enough people to join them, there were only left with a small order of them and thier minions. But now they wish to rekindle that dream of an Empire and are searching for a priest who can lead them to a new empire. 

Trojan War (626 K) by Joey (98/01/27) 

This is about the Trojan War. There is a lot of history and myth behind it all. I have around 15 (more or less? I forgot!) scenarios in this campaign. All that was written for the campaign (scenario instructions, history...etc.) is based on a lot of research. The Trojan War was something I had to research in school, see? Play this scenario and I'm sure you will know quite a lot about Troy, Achilles, Hector, the Olympians, etc... 

Back to the Stone Age (310 K) by Ben Blanchard (98/01/25) 

It's 2146, and World War 3 has just ended and you have been knocked back to the Stone Age. The entire face of the Earth has changed and your tribe is in what was California.You now must create cities and destroy civilizations. Conquer what is left of the United States recreate history, but don't make the same mistakes as your ancestors. 

Greek Hell (95 K) by Mike, The Gasman (98/01/05) 

This campaign is in Greek times when they had captured the known world and you and a couple other clans are rebelling against them. So your job is to kill the Greeks and reclaim your portion of the world.  
P.S. This is not true facts about the past but there are no Romans so I couldn't make a campaign about them so i turned to Greek. 

The Trials of Aduria (Part 2: The Subryian Wars) (386 K) by Ian Hoskins (97/12/17) 

This campaign is set in the Birthright empire of Aduira and traces the early history that land. It is the second in a series of campaigns I am writing to cover the entire history of the empire. 

The Trials of Aduria (Part 1: The Andu) (321 K) by Ian Hoskins (97/12/06) 

This campaign is set in the Birthright empire of Aduira and traces the early history that land. It is the first in a series of campaigns I am writing to cover the entire history of the empire. You begin as a small tribe who have just arrived at the mouth of a mighty river, after being driven from your ancestral lands by the powerful Andu tribe. You must build up your forces and drive out the Andu to secure your future. 

Alexander the Great (250 K) by Luis (97/11/26) 

You are Alexander the Great, one of the world's best military conquestors. In this campaign, you will fight against the Persians in 8 scenarios. You will battle the Persian army, sack Persian cities, use diplomacy to gain allies and finally, destroy the Persian capital Persepolis. The scenarios start with Alexander getting support from the king and finally the attack on Persepolis. This is my second campaign. Hope you enjoy it. 

Der namenlose Gott (30 K) by Peter Madeia (97/11/18) 

A two scenario campaign about a tribe (Rainbow warriors) and a nameless god. 

The Ark of the Covenant (176 K) by Luis (97/11/16) 

You have dominated the world, defeated all your enemies, gotten great riches. However there is a new problem, a small group of rebels found the Ark of the Covenant, one the worlds' holiest and most sacred treasures. They could use this artifact to dominate the world! You must stop them now before its too late. 

The Persians Revenge (147 K) by Garret Rempel (97/11/13) 

You are Xerxion, the Greeks have invaded and destroyed the Persian Civilization while you were travelling in Egypt. You come back to see that the Persians are no more. You swear revenge on those who destroyed your home and set off to kill them all. 

Overlords (291 K) by Ian Hoskins (97/11/08) 

Here is the first of my Age of Empires campaigns.  

In this one you are a priest seeking to aid fellow members of your order who are threatened by an evil empire known as the Overlords. To do this you must first past a series of obstacles that the enemy has placed in your path to prevent our success. Battle your way past these until finally you reach the city and save your fellow priests. 

Story in german, hints and instructions are also in english
    Arno Ditscheid

Persian Wars 2: Citizen, Rouge and Tyrant
This is a 5 mission mini-campaign THE PERSIAN WARS #2 - CITIZEN, ROGUE AND TYRANT. It covers the life, battles, and ignominious death of Miltiades III, the man who led the Greeks to victory at Marathon -- and it's crammed full of historically accurate maps, situations, and commentary

The Persian Wars 1: Uprising in Ionia
This is an attempt to create a set of challenging scenarios that trace the drama and the action of the great wars between Persia and Greece, in the 5th Century B.C. I have paid as much attention as I could to historical accuracy. There are, however, some anomalies in my philosophy of computer gaming which colored my approach to designing. Truth be told, I'm more of a turn-based gamer than a real time gamer. Consequently, my scenarios (I think) play more like turn-based games. For the most part, you will not find yourself under constant, direct attack. Instead, you'll have significant "breathing spaces" to plan your next move

The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire
It starts from the factual beginnings of Rome (Etruscan battles), covers much of Rome's history (the Three Punic Wars, Julius Caesar, Republic to Empire, Anthony and Cleoptra, Christian persecution etc...) and ends at the onset of the Byzantine Empire and the "Dark Ages"
    Joey S

The Destruction of Greece
Hello this is my second campaign and I for one think it is a good one! So I will make more, and each time they will get better

United Countries of America
Your mission is to protect North America from the Russian empire. If you dont you will be crushed by the Russian army
    Bon Danan

Conquests of Carthage
This is a historically accurate Phoenician campaign in which you lead the city of Carthage from its establishment by Tyrian traders, to its destruction at the hands of the Romans. Each level has an instruction map and custom AI's
    Mark Stoker

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