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AoE Cheats

You activate the cheat by hitting ENTER, then typing the cheat, then hitting ENTER again.

Diediedie you all die
Resign you resign
Reveal map reveals all the map
Pepperoni pizza Give yourself 1000 food
Coinage Give yourself 1000 gold
Woodstock Give yourself 1000 wood
Quarry Give yourself 1000 stone
No fog Fog of War off
Hari Kiri suicide
Medusa If your villager is being killed by the enemy, he will turn into a horse archer, and if that archer is being killed, he will turn into a catapult.
Photon Man Get guy with laser gun
Gaia control over animals
FLYING DUTCHMAN turn the juggernaughts to flying dutchmen
STEROIDS you get all units and upgrades in an instant
Home run you win the scenario
Killx (x = player's position); e. g. Kill2 (defeats the second player on the list)
Bigdaddy get a very powerful car (attack: 300, HP: 500, range: 15)
Big Bertha Heavy catapults have greater range and damage
ICBM Ballistias get 100 range points
Hoyohoyo Priests get lots of speed and 600 hit points
E=mc2 trooper the nuke missile guy (attack: 300, range: 88)
Jack be nimble Do this when you have a catapult selected, it will then shoot cows if pointing north, and villagers doing cartwheels, and looking like super man in other directions... 
Black Rider Rider with 20 attack and 20 armor. It comes back as a catapult after being killed.
Dark Rain Transforms all of your composite bowmen to stealth bowmen - they look like trees when standing still and can walk over water.

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