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AoE fun Scenarios

Add your scenario by e-mailing  me . Be sure to include all the required information and attach the apropriate file.

single player or multiplayer

Single player  


Blood on the Sands (176 K) by Frank Steidel, 1 player (98/05/18) 

While on patrol, Jason and his men have been captured by the Kordeshi. Jason has been branded a spy and sentenced to die. Can you, as Jason, escape certain death in the arena, free the rest of your men, and return to your homeland? This is a fun scenario, no building or ecomomy is involved. My best single player scenario to date. 

Medusa (4 K) by Eric Cerwick, 1 player (98/05/03) 

This scenario is where that are only medusas and there are 7 other players and when the medusa villagers die, they become horse archers, and when they die they become catpults. 
I have had a lot of fun with this scenario. 


Phoenician Juggernaught Assult (7 K) by The Cataphract, 1 player (98/04/19) 

This is a scenario which will teach you how to use the Phoenician's stong navy. Have fun! 
Note: This scenario requires patch 1.0a. 

Achilles' Fortress (47 K) by Jer, 1 player (98/03/10) 

This is a small single player scenario. You are Paris. You have amassed your Trojan army in order to storm Achilles' fortress. To finally conquer your sworn enemy Achilles you must destroy his Wonder. Fear not, for Apollo is on your side to guide you... 

One man action (13 K) by Raval, 1 player (98/03/03) 

A great scenario from Rafal, one of his best. Needs good scouting and unit control. 

Macropolis (114 K) by LowLife, 1 player (98/02/17) 

date: 17/02/98 
Singleplayer scenario, difficulty moderate 
Fight your way through the urban jungle of Macropolis. 
It's big, it's fast and it's dangerous. 

Forest trail (37 K) by Olivier Chauvin, 1 player (98/01/14) 

You have a small lost force of warriors, and you have to reach a location with an important message (the artifact) in an unknown forest. 

One man army (18 K) by Brian C., 1 player (98/01/07) 

Learn how to fight against Catapults with ballistics! Shouldn't be too hard. 

Easy as Pie (27 K) by Ernst Sieswerda, 1 player (97/01/03) 

You have 7 units at your disposal and no buildings. The enemy have 40+ guys with pointy sticks. Eliminate them. More info in the scenario. 

Kill Robin Hood (47 K) by UBER, 1 player (97/11/12) 

Actual explanation is in the scenario itself. Not too tough but should take a little time to complete. May be considered a fun scenario. 


 multi player


Trench Warfare (16 K) by Brian C., 2 players (98/04/12) 

Fighting with only archers, barrack infantry, and a limited number of seige weapons in a huge maze (well, not actually a maze but there are a lot of paths) makes you feel less technological, doesn't it? I recommend playing this scenario with a pop limit of 140+ and with reveal map on. 

Chess (16 K) by Alexander Carlsson, 2 players (98/03/29) 

I created this scenario because I like to play with big armies and Chess is fun. All you have to do is to use the right strategy to win this war.  

Short explanation: You begin with an army on a chessboard. Explore carefully as you move your troops. 

BigBattle (7 K) by Robert Holst aka Noxia, 2 players (97/12/25) 

You are given an huge army to defeat your opponents wonder in 2000 years.  
Takes about 5 minutes if you are good. Mainly 2 multiplayer map.  
Good Luck! 

Arena (16 K) by Warhaven, 4 players (97/11/16) 

I, Warhaven, would like to present the first blood map for Age of Empires. It is a tiny map in which all four player are confined to a Gaia-walled arena. I really don’t suggest you break throught the walls, you do NOT want to know what's on the other side. Blood flows as free as water... 

Ground Zero (42 K) by Ray Sinclair, 2 players coop. (97/11/16) 

Humans are players 1 and 4 and are coloured blue and brown. The computer pair are numbered 2 and 3 and are coloured yellow and red. This team holds the center of the map, the objective of the scenario is to destroy this fortress. Victory is by conquest only. Don't Get Hurt.  

"Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be: for without victory there is no survival." W. Churchill 

Ocean Chaos (5 K) by Warhaven, 4 players (97/11/13) 

Ocean Chaos was designed to be a fast paced and fast thinking scenario. Although it will work in single player, it will be a LOT better for multiplayer. The map is all water so pick a sea based culture. All of the four players will have the same amount of ships and start in different corners. There is a "surprise" in the middle!  
If you find any problems or suggestions, please state them at Enjoy! 

Pave the Earth (97 K) by Patroklos, 2 players (97/10/31) 

The level consists almost entirely of trees, with a deposit of stone and gold in the center.  
The players start at opposing sides of the map with one villager and a Heavy Catapult.  
As every good AoE player should already know, H Cats can destroy trees.  
This unfortunately will be a revelation to some people (lamers no doubt).  
Its a straight out deathmatch level with conquest as the only way to victory. 

Space Angels (19 K) by Archangel Michael, 8 players (97/10/31) 

Short nuke man scenario.  
Its a very quick play.. 

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