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AoE Links

Friend's pages - Official page - Fan pages - Strategy pages - AoE ladders - ICQ list

Friends pages
these pages have nothing to do with AoE, but they're cool:
Cam's Brain: a page about stuff.
Dark knight's lair: A kick @$$ Page on a whole ton of games!! GO HERE!!.
MiKE's Gaming Page: this one is actually mine, but its for lots of games. WARNING:STILL UNDER CONSTUCTION  

Official pages

Ensemble Studios' Age of Empires page: many nice screenshots

Microsoft's Age of Empires page: few updates, nice pictures, info about the lead designers 

AoE pages: news, scenarios and strategies

Age of Empires Heaven: much about single player games, very comprehensive page

Smog's Age of Empires page: home of the taunt page

Izdol's Age of Empires page: a very comprehensive AoE page with good tips

The Storage Pit: Pudland goes to AoE; a very good place for scenarios

Zx75's AoE page: news, strategies and an awesome tech tree picture

AoE Trial Central: for people who have the trial version

Age of Multiplayers: scenarios and news, entirely in German

The Temple: news and tips

SimMayor's Age of Empires Place: inventive strategies and a good tribe overview table

Taskmaker's AoE page: centered around strategies and news

Devoe's AoE page: focuses on news 

AoE pages: pure strategy

Methos' AoE page: one of the best strategy pages

Shaf's AoE page: another leading strategy page

Necrolyte's AoE page: concentrates on news and strategies

Megiddo's Age of Empires Page: totally focuses on strategies

Clobber's Age of Empires Page: also a very comprehensive strategy page

Immortal131's AoE page: has some specialized strategies

Coo Mo Dee's AoE page: has a very comprehensive strategy page 

Ladder pages

Gamestats Ladder has both Chess Ratings and a ladder feature. Prizes are given away every day to a lucky contestant who reports a match at GameStats. They may not even have won the game they reported. :)

Case's Ladder: the largest ladder available on the internet, with ladders for all popular games

Rule the ages is a league based on clans/tribes. This is no way a ladder of any sort! In this league, there is a certain hierarchy to it. From a raging Warlord leading his/her tribe to victory, to a lowly nomad searching for a tribe to call his own.

Australian AoE league: This site aims to bring together Age of Empires players who are located in Australia.

ICQ contact list

The ICQ contact list lets you meet people to play Age of Empires with easily. ICQ is the world's largest internet online communication network, by Mirabilis.

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