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AoE 2-player Scenarios

Add your scenario by e-mailing  me . Be sure to include all the required information and attach the apropriate file.

The Night of The Trojan Horse (12 K) by Dustin House, 2 players (98/05/31) 

If you are the Greeks you are on offense. If you are the Trojans you are on defense. So the better player should play as the Trojans. 

Mountain Maze (20 K) by Steve Bonham, 2 players (98/05/31) 

This mountain side, with it's labyrinth of paths and cliffs, sets an amazing scene for a great battle. Route out your enemy, and wreck their quiet life. 

Fice's Revenge (32 K) by Fice, 2 players (98/03/15) 

Hope you enjoy it. 

Battle At Sea (10 K) by Fusion, 2 players (98/02/16) 

By: Fusion 
UIN: 5650018 
Name: Battle At Sea 

This is my 3rd scenario, so try it out 

Gauntlet (6 K) by Warhaven, 2 players (97/11/15) 

Gauntlet was designed to give a quick and intense race to an army. There are plenty of reasorces, but not pleanty of time... (I made that short because I don’t want to give it away)  
If you find any problems or suggestions, please state them at 

Ancient Decendants (50 K) by Allen Spive, 2 or 1 players (fun with both) (97/12/11) 
You start on the top corner or bottom. Corner (2 player): the center of map is water and well defended by the Defenders and the Guardians.  

The object of this scenario is to capture all four ruins, four artifacts, and both of the discoveries. Beware of the computer player opposite of you he starts with the same base as you and is very aggresive. You must quickly build up your boats and technology if you want to survive. 

Boundries (21 K) by Warhaven, 2 players (97/11/17) 

Boundries is a fairly long lasting scenario that can be won using a swift, well organized attack.  
There are plenty of reasorces. The four players are seperated with cliffs, water and elevation. This could be one many different ways! 

Elevation is the Key (13 K) by Mike Edwards, 2 players (97/11/09) 

This map has huge hills on both sides, and the point is to overcome the other hill. The bad part about this map is that the person on top of the hill has an advantage. So it makes it more difficult to conquer the other player. This is a fun map; when I tested it, proved to be worthy of its name. 


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