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Got some news for us? What are you waiting for? Send it to one of us (preferably the news address) here.


Bucko - General stuff.

Check out the Carma 3 wish list. It's a BIG HTML but it's worth it, and there's loads of cool stuff. Sorry you lot - I'm going on my easter hols to Cornwall. This means I can't build the new merged site, and I can't update till next week. If the site gets very messed to hell, the pair will die. I'm hoping they read this and we keep both the streets and our old newz. Battlezone ought to be on it's way when I'm back, by which time, there will also be a button in the contents. Battlezone Total conversion. Byee.


MCL - working on IT

Ok, Justin and I have been working out some things for the Merging of The Streets of Carmageddon(My old page) and UK Carmageddon, and we've come up with a layout and a name. The layout will be up soon(hopefully), but it still needs some work. and the name, "Carmageddon Holocaust". you should see some big changes in the next few days, so look out!


Bucko - Ooops

Ooops, messed up with my EMail


- I'm back, and I'm angry.

I wish the site would survive onslaughts from Fruitloaf... We now have a new version of snwu, so we ought to be doing better. Fruitloaf has mucked up Justins links, so for cars go to the FTP cars site to download them. The names are fairly self-explanatory. Sorry for the inconvenience. I wish people would tell me before they merge the site etc..., and we still need peeps for BattleZone.


Justin - Big Update (really)

The Streets of Carmageddon Is Merging with Uk Carmageddon,to bring the fans new cars,features,skins,and more.MCL(SoC's Webmaster) and I are trying to figure out a name for our new site.If you have an idea,post it on the Message Board.Don't worry Bucko,you are still our programmer,and Fruitloaf,you are the co-webmaster/founder of the original Uk Carmageddon.So any naming help or suggestions would be appriciated....Later :)


Justin - New Prowler Version and more...

I updated my prowler with some of WhiplasH's Transparent textures,a Silver Skin,cooler seats,and another Driver.BTW,could anyone tell me how to open doors?This would finalize my model...FAZeD is uploading his page to here,so expect the Carmageddon Warehouse Soon...I have also been hearing about people having problems seeing everything on the page,You MUST view the site in 1024x768 for the full effect :)....LaterThe Prowler V2


Bucko - Justin and Fruitloaf, NO!

I hate HTML editors! those two idiots (Justin and Fruitloaf) have eaten the site again. USE SHELL NET WEBSITE UPDATOR! Next note: Macs may be slow, but they ARE reliable...


Justin - New Msg.Board and Forum!!!

I replaced that unreadable msg. board with a Delphi one...which has a chat room built right in.......So just click the msg. Board button and off ya go.....


Justin - New Logo,Buttons,and more

Since Fruitloaf has come back to join us,I thought That the logo needed a slight overhaul,as you can see....The buttons are gonna be up soon...many thanks go out to Whiplash for his divine art in graphics...Don't forget to check his page For His new Marilyn Manson Ped...The button for his site is in the bottom frame...BTW,I am working on a golf cart for c2,anyone who likes golf or the irony of it in C2 should Dload it when I release it,hopefully soon...


Justin - Don't you ever go away?

"Your back again?"haha,just kidding...I look forward to working with ya once more......


Fruitloaf - Mac Protest

Well folks it appears all you MAC (Most Applications Crash) owners are revolting against SCi because they haven't released Carmageddon 2 on the MAC and the release date keeps slipping so webmasters have been asked to put up this banner. Nough said.
protest.gif (96177 bytes)