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Cheat Codes

All Cars and Levels
To access all of the cars and levels without beating the game type KEVWOZEAR at the car select, view info, start race, and change race. You should hear a clanking noise. Now check that car select screen and race selection screen.
Submitted by Mike Tuozzo (

All Cars in Network Mode
At the Host Network screen (where you select what type of network game you want to play), type JOYRIDER. The game host will now have access to all of the cars, including those only available through cheat codes. The client player won't have access to the cheat cars, but he or she will have access to all of the other vehicles.
Submitted by Dragon Lord (

Cheat Codes
While playing, enter one of the following codes quickly.

Code                 Effect
bigbottom            Bodywork trashed
superhoops           Explosive pedestrians
igloofun             Hot rod
goggleplex           Drive under water
spamforrest          Instant hand
intheloft            Drugs (?)
buyournextgame       Jelly suspension
chickenfodder        People bounce when hit
funnyjam             Turbo pedestrians
tramaresuper         Extra pedestrians
islandrules          Vesuvian cops
smalluddders         Giant pedestrians
spamfritters         Free repairs
givemelard           Mega bonus (lots of cash)
spamspamspamspam     Pedestrians stuck to ground
havesomespam         Odd gravity
mooseontheloose      Pinball mode
ilovenobby           Pedestrains shown on map
russformario         Pedestrian Electro Bastard Ray (?)
hamstersex           Blind pedestrians
naughtytorty         Pedestrian respawn

Submitted by and

European Codes
At the main menu (where you choose map select, vehicle select, etc.) type ENABLE quickly. You'll gain access to all the tracks and cars. Start a race and press F4 until the words CHEAT MODE appears. You may now enter any of the codes below.

Code           Effect
F5             Repair all damage
F6             Toggle Invulnerability
F7             Add 30 seconds to the timer
F8             Freeze/Unfreeze timer
F10            Increase lap counter
F11            Gain 5000 credits
F12            Switch between each opponent's camera
               and your own. External view only.
SHIFT-F6       Show opponents on map
SHIFT-F7       Adds 300 seconds to timer
SHIFT-F8       Toggle shadows (none, your car, all cars)
SHIFT-F10      Increment checkpoint counter 
SHIFT-F11      Lose 5000 credits
CTRL-F8        Toggle shadow mode (solid or translucent)
CTRL-KEYPAD 1  Toggle flight. Use normal movement keys to fly.
               Press Keypad 5 to land, and Keypad 9
               or Keypad 6 to change your pitch.

Repair Yourself
You can repair yourself by pressing backspace when needed. Type GIVEMELARD as to get credits. The credits you get will pay for your repairs.
Submitted by Mike Tuozzo (



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Carmageddon is more than your average racing game. It's the only racing game where you earn points for speed, racing style and -- most importantly --PEDESTRIANS! Pit your wits and wheels against 25 maniac drivers on over 36 formidable race circuits in your quest to become the King of Carnage and the Prince of Pileup! Game Features include: *True 3-D, 360(0) graphics engine features multiple camera angles, instant replay and an SVGA option. * Includes 36 different race tracks, with total freedom to explore every track in all its detail for hidden bonuses. *Ride across 5 different 3-D race environments -- from sand and surf to cities and snow. *Race against 25 other drivers, including a blade infested dragster, a hearse, and a deadly dump truck. *Bored with the car you're driving? Ram an opponent and steal their car-the decision is yours! * Waste contestants, pedestrians and farmyard animals for points and credits! *Network play! Smash into people you know in the frantic multi-player modes, which include 7 different modes and 3 unique tracks. *Exchange your credits for greater power-ups and features in the parts shop, or exchange credits on the move for automatic damage repair or better features. *Structured ranking system allows the player to work their way up from 99th to 1st place. * Vehicles feature accurate car physics with realistic chassis suspensions, dynamic collision damage, and allow for stunts such as hand-brake turns, barrel rolls, skids and wheelies. *Stomach-churning realism - crash, crumple, burn, skid, and jump in glorious 3D!

Size: 15 MB
Platform: DOS
Requirements: MS-DOS 6.2 or higher, 16 MB RAM, 20 MB disk space,256 VGA, sound card
Interplay Productions


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