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Where the hell do you want to go today?

welcome to the new Kick Ass gaming-Net!

November 21/98:

Well it is now November and I've decided to actually work on my page!! I always do that. I start a page and then I don't work on it anymore. Well That's all about to change! I'm gonna be working on this page every weekend, because Thats when I have time!! Too much home work on the week days. I'm in highschool you know!! Well anyway, Here are the games I have up now!! These aresome the ones I had planned to have up, so I'll be having more games added soon. After I've finished those I'll Add new games when I think of them or if you Request it!

September 19/98:

This is the first day of the new Kick ass gaming so I don't have much up yet, but this time I get stuff up faster!! so, come back soon, and see what else is new!!


This page last updated on monday nov. 16 1998!
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