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Cheat Codes

While playing in Skirmish mode, press ENTER then press the + key and type in the code for the desired effect:

ATM - Gives you 1000 metal and energy.
CDSTART - Starts CD Music. 
CLOCK - Adds an in-game clock in the corner of the screen. 
CONTOUR# - Displays a 3D contour, # = 1-15. 
CONTROL# - Lets you to control a different skirmish AI. 
DITHER - Changes line-of-sight shading
DOUBLESHOT - All weapons do twice the damage
HALFSHOT - All weapons do half the damage
ILOSE - Causes you to lose
IWIN - Causes you to win
KILL# - Kills off a player, where # is 0-4
NOENERGY - Drops your energy to 0
NOMETAL - Drops your metal to 0
NOSHAKE - Stops explosion screen shakes
NOWISEE - Full map and disables line of sight
RADAR - 100% radar coverage
SING - Makes units "sing" when given orders. 
SHOOTALL - Units will automatically target enemy buildings
SWITCHALT - Lets you switch between squads with # keys instead of ALT-# keys
VIEW# - Display other players' metal and energy.

Submitted by ZEN DARK LORD, Imperial Beano and Paul Lee

Mission Select
To choose any missiong, go to the SINGLE PLAYER GAME screen and type "drdeath." Click on the Cavedog bone (below the Load Game button) to choose your starting mission.

More Opponents in Skirmish Mode
To add up to 10 AI opponents in Skirmish Mode, go the Skirmish Setup screen and type * plus a Roman numeral for the number of opponents you wish to add. For example, "*iv" will add four AI opponents.
Submitted by Jahu the Snowboarder (

Resource Sharing in Multiplayer Games
To share resources with your allies in skirmish mode, press ENTER, type one of the codes below, then press ENTER again.

+shareenergy        Shares energy
+sharemetal         Shares metal
+sharemapping       Shares map information

You can control the amount of metal and energy you share by placing a number after these commands. For example, +setshareenergy 2000 will ensure you have at least 2000 energy units at all times.


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Total Annihilation Demo

You are a commander, a futuristic K-BOT(TM). Powered by the reactor at your heart, you can build an entire complex of war. But you (and your enemy) are masters of nanotech: manipulating matter at an atomic level. Even the most remote barren land offers all the elements you need to do battle. At a moment's notice, you can make factories spring into action, devastating machines roar to life, guns blaze with fierce energy...another world blackened by war. Can you put an end to a vast conflict that threatens universal existence?

Size: 21.0 MB
Platform: Windows 95
GT Interactive


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