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Here is OLD News.

3-Wheeler is Here
The Moppe is now released. I'm sure you'll want to Download this one. Just look at it. It is a great on the physics too. A reminder, this car was made by Staffan Gustafson.

The Real Thing
The McLaren F1 is comming in a few days! For those of you that were disapointed when they
downloaded the McLaren by Ben Beard expecting an F1 racer, you should be happy with this. And it's all thanks to one guy, Sebastian Strand.


Cars, Cars, and more Cars!
Three cars were released and 1 more on the way! The first is the Hell Cab, by Staffan Gustafson. nice car design! Get the Hell Cab now.

The second is The Tempest. you can get it at Toxic Ragers. The Tempest is simply an updated version of the porche.

The Third Car is Da Trunker. Just a big elephant on wheels, not much else to say about it. Get Da Trunker now.

The car on the way is a Messerschmit type 3-wheeler. Look for that coming soon.


A Few Other Things
The CCC is going along nicely. Go there for more info on them and just see what they have there. I'm sure you'll find something.

Another Carmageddon Site is Closing this time it's UK Carmageddon.

Good sites to check out! The Carmageddon Warhouse is a very good site, and I'm sure you should go there.The Best Warez Site, I've ever seen, www.waterwarez.com if you don't go there, it might close, Forever!!

New Skin for the Cala, called "Nike" by -Benn-. Get it here, now!


The Viper 0.9
The new version of the Viper is out. It now looks a lot more like a Viper, Just look at the Pic, Nice! Go to http://cfc.allgames.com/zip/Viper09b.zip for the file or the CFC for more info on it's features.

Mart Cart Update
The Mart Cart By SHOEBAPPA now comes with intructions on how to intall and has new sounds too! click here to download the new file or get it in the Cars section.

Get the new Version of CarEd at http://cfc.allgames.com/zip/cared11.zip from The CFC. I'll get it up here in the next few days.

-NEWS From 8:21 GMT-

McLaren Is hereMcLaren F1
Man, Ben sure works fast. The Cala Car was just released a little while ago, and now the McLaren is out. So if you want to get it click here. Here's the same pic as yesterday.

Some Other Stuff
The CFC is working on the shape of the Viper. The latest version will be out soon.
The C2CNFS is now officialy closed, so if you've been wondering why it hasn't been updated for a while, that's why.


More Cars!! Woohoo!Monster Jeep
This is great, the Monster Jeep has been released over at the CFC. This guy has been hard at work, he just released the Viper and now this!! just use Carstockalypse to install it and there you go. get it at http://cfc.allgames.com/zip/Jeep09b.zip or go to the CFC for more info.

Errol over at Toxic Ragers has made this porsche, so go and get it, now! You can thank me later for telling you about it.


This is The Mart Cart by SHOEBAPPA. Pretty fun to drive! and looks sweet too. Thanks to the Carma Garage for providing the file. Download it here, or in the cars section.


McLaren F1.

The McLaren F1, Ben Beard's fourth car is on the way. Here's a pic.


For a while now, I've been thinking about having a partnership with another Carmageddon website. I'm not sure what the conditions of the partnership would be, but just having a link to the other site on the main page would be a start. So if you are interested in this, please Email me about it and then we can talk about it some more.



Viper RT/10 & Classic EagleViper RT/10
Two new cars for Carmageddon 2 have been released! The first is the Viper RT/10 brought to you by the
CFC. This thing looks great! If you like Vipers (and I know you all do) you should download this!! get the BETA from http://cfc.allgames.com/zip/Viper08b.zip, or go to The CFC for more information and pictures!

Classic EagleByte Me!The other is the Classic Eagle. If you like the eagle from Carmageddon better than the one in Carpocalypse Now, check this out! Go to Carmageddon2.co.uk for more information.


Plasma Slide (Click to Download)...also I have a new skin today. This one is by ElMono and is called The Plazma Slide. Here's a pic! Download it and enjoy!

Title, Email...
A new title has been put up, it's almost the same as the last, but now in 3D. I think it looks a lot better. If you have ideas for a Title, tell me
On Sunday I told you I had a new E-mail address, and, well... I think I should just stay away from it for a while, it's not quite working right. So you can now Email me
Here (My old address).

I need files and skins and guides and pictures and anything else that would be good for the page. So, if you have anything at all that you think is good for this page Send It To Me!


Well, I know this update isn't that big but I hit "2000" on my counter! That may not seem big to you, but fer me, it great! Please keep coming back and help me get even more hits!

Planning is Good...Doing is Better
Ok, I'm planning on doing a few updates to the site soon. I'm probably going to get a new logo for the page 'cause the one I have now was just a temporary one when the page started. I'm also planning on uploading some skins and templates. I was talking about a car that I'm working on, yesterday, But I'm delaying anywork on that until I know what to do next. I'm still lost, so if you know how to make cars for Carmageddon2,
Email me! Please! That reminds me, I got a new Email address yesterday. My new address is mcl@byteme.com . If that Email address doesn't work, Email me at my old address.


Well, if you've been here a few times this week, you'll notice that I didn't update since Monday. I took a break. This update still isn't that big, because not too many things happened this week. So I'm back, and next time I'll warn yeah if I'm gonna be away for a while. If you'd like to see the Plaything Guides just click here.

Also, I'm working on a car for Carmageddon 2. The model is coming along fine(actually, I think its finished). But, I have no clue how to program it. I'm not sure where to start, or what programs are the best to use to get it working in the game. If anyone know a lot of stuff how to get a car working, please Email me!

Pimp Program
The new vr. of the pimp program that will help if you DO know where to start. You can download the new Pimp vr1.1 from HERE. Or if you'd like to know more about it go to PP.

Something For All You MACers
The MAC version of Carmageddon 2 is suppose to me released by the end of this month. That's all I have to say about that.

Tutorials For People Like Me
The <<C-C-E-S>> has released a few tutorials on installing cars, working with twt files and also on making cars with CarEd. These should help anybody wanting to know more about making cars. I'm sure going to read them!


First Things First Again
If you're here for the Plaything 2 guides, go to Part I of the guide. You can also find them in the plaything 2 section.

The Car installer, Carstockalypse is out! If you want to download it, go to The CFC. I'll try to get it up in a couple of days. You can also find the new ver. of the Cala Car there with it.

Editing Studio
The is a new site on the scene today. it's called the C-C-E-S, or the "Carpocalypse Central Editing Studio". This site is flash enhanced, and lookin' great! Their first car, the Bubble Buggy, will be released soon. If you'd like to learn more, go There!


First Things First
If you're here for the Plaything 2 guides, go to Part I of the guide. You can also find them in the plaything 2 section.

Ben Beard is working on Carstockalypse, a Car installer for Carmageddon 2. This program is hopefully going to be easier to use than the "Pimp" Twat file manager. The latest ver. of the Cala Car will be with the program and should be released in a couple of days.

Another Ben Beard Note: I've got the latest ver. of the CarEd in the files section now. It fixes quite a few bugs. So you'll probably want it! Click here to download it. (From PP)

Driver Shmiver
There is a new Carmageddon Clone on the scene right now. It's called "Driver", and it is to be released in Q4 of this year. If you want to know more check out the review at Sharky Extreme.

Plugin is in
The 3DS MAX Plugin in now in the files section or you can download it here. The plugin lets you import and export DAT files, which will make it a lot easier to edit cars, ect. for carmageddon 2.

More cheats have been put up. There are now explanations to LAPMYLOVEPUMP and IWISHICOULDFLYRIGHTUPTOTHESKY in there, so if you had no clue what they did go to the cheats section.

also, a new saved game has been added to the files section. It has full APO and is completed it on hard.


Plaything Guide!!
Now, exclusive to The SOC, a Plaything 2 guide! Scarehead (the best skin creator alive) Has send me a large file on how to do mapping in Plaything 2. This guide is great for anyone who likes making skins but wants to do more with mapping them. This is the first part of the guide. I hope to have the next part of the guide soon. If you want the guide go HERE. It is also in the plaything 2 and guides section. Come back soon for an update!

Cheats Cheats, and More Cheats
A whole ton of cheats for carmageddon 2 were released yesterday at ped precinct. There are about 90 in total. if you want 'em go to the cheats section and get 'em! They are all yours!!

Car Custamajigy?
A new Car customizer for the eagle was released by UK Carmageddon. I have no clue what it does, so you'd better go there and see

New CarEd Vr.
A new carEd was released today. You can get it at the CFC right now, but I'll get it up some time soon. it fixes quite a few bugs(and supposedly there are a lot), but if you want the full list of what it fixes go to the CFC.

3DS MAX R2 Plugin
Stainless has released a new plugin for 3DS MAX R2. The plugin lets you import and export DAT files, which will make it a lot easier to edit cars, ect. for carmageddon 2. go to the CFC to get it!

It's a Great Day to Edit!
The CarEd V1.1 Beta by Ben Beard is here!! This program will allow you to make and edit cars in Carmageddon 2. I think this thing is alot more powerful than Plaything 2. I have to say that it will be a little challenging to get started on this program. But when you have learnt all you can on this program, you'll be able to make some really great cars really fast!

you can download it here or in the files section.

Note: This program needs the Java 2 platform and the Java 3d extension to run. the Java platform is about 9 megs, you have been warned. Also, don't contact me if you have any problems with CarEd I did not make it, Ben Beard did. I give him full credit.

New Car
I've got another car up, and soon I'll have more up. the new one today is the Coupe de Villian by Scarehead. this isn't just a skin because it's got a few new additions to the bodywork and physics. This car rocks! download it here.
the upcoming new additions to skins will be mostly by Scarehead and ElMono.


The Pimp
The Pimp is a new Twat file manager that lets you add new cars to Carmageddon 2 without messing around with the text files. This really helps when adding a car! To get the Pimp go here. If you have any questions or comments you can email the author.

Get High Easily
I've got a new saved game for Carmageddon 2 thanks to
PP. It's better than the old one because it has all the APO filled and You get a whole ton of cash!! You can download in the Files section.

Console Carmageddon Info and Screenshots
SCI has updated their site with info and screenshots of the console carmageddon games. So if you own a playstation or N64 like I do, you should go check it out.

I've got a couple more
skins up now, so you should go and see if they interest you. I hope to get more from you people who have skins. (you know who you are!) 'Cause I need as many skins as I can get. Also, if you send me one, could you please include a screenshot. Thankyou to all of you that have sent me skins, it is much appreciated


Ok, I've got another car skin up, but I need more. PLEASE, if you have a skin send it to me with a screenshot. I would really appreciate it!
Also, I've started a template section. I only have a few cars in there right now, but I'll have all of them soon, and also ped templates. This new section is all thanks to Toxic Rangers.

Stainless Peds
There will be some new peds from stainless soon! I'm not sure if they are new skins or new models too, but we'll figure it out by the end of this week, 'cause that's when they're coming. I'll notify you when I put them up.


Get Magnetized!
Now you can get magnetizm effects in Carmageddon 2 working. This is all thanks to Russell Hughes, a programmer Guru and professional illustrator.
To get magnetizm effect to work, all you have to do is open the OPTIONS.TXT in the /DATA directory. Then look for RusselsFannies 0 and change to 0 to a 1, and there you go. Now magnets, like the ones in the junkyard, will work! Kickass!

Making MACers Happy
Although it was thought that Interplay was not going to release a Mac Version of Carmageddon 2, SCI is sure that Interplay is going to release it. But Interplay still hasn't said anything yet. So, it's still no clear if it will be released or not.


One Sweet Car from The CFC
The CFC has been working on a Dodge Viper for Carmageddon II. The release date is not set for the Viper yet but lets hope it's soon, because it looks sweet!

Also, there is something about a Hovercraft (not the Eagle HoverCraft) that is coming soon too.

If you want more information on these two projects, go check to The Carmageddon Fan Club.

Too Much News
I decided to make a News Archive because it was beginning to pile up on me. It was also making this page take a long time to load. So if for some strange reason you want to see old news, Go to the News Archive.


CarEd is Coming
A new editor/modeler for carmageddon II is coming soon. It's made by Ben Beard,the guy who made the Oscar Murder mobile and the Mauler. It looks like its gonna be a hit! If you'd like some more info, go to the Carmageddon Fan Club.

No Carmageddon II for MACers?
There may be no Carmageddon II for the Mac in the US. The CFC announced that Interplay is not going to release the Mac version. This hasn't been confirmed by Interplay yet, so if you are a Mac owner waiting for this game, don't get too worried yet.

South Park-ageddon
If you love South Park, then you'll love this! Toxic Rangers is working on a South Park patch for carmageddon. They have released some pictures so go check it out.

Ped Precinct's Tips
Pedestrian Precinct has got a few more tips. so go check 'em out. I'm sure you'll find something cool there.

Skins Section Under Construction
I've taken off most of the skins here, Doh! Instead of having most of the same skins as what is at CNB, I've gone off on my own. I've decided to do this because I think Crimson was getting a little mad. So to get this section going, I need your help! Please Email me if you have a skin you want on here, because I want it on here. I will be updating the skins page with quite a few skins (I hope) by the end of this week.


A Few Small Things to Talk About
No realy great things happend in the Carmageddon 2 community today. But there are a few things I have to say about the page. One thing is that I probably won't be working on the skins section in the next few days. So if you like skins that much, than I'm very sorry, but you're going to have to wait until sometime next week. Also, I have decided to put the time of the news updates on here. This time will be GMT, because since I'm in Canada, I think that some of my updates look late, but they're not. Well, anyway, I will still be updating the news, but just not the skins, so come back soon!


Frustrating Skins
I've been working on getting these skins up and working. I am trying to upload the skins onto some space a have, but it won't last long! I only have about 30Mb of space left, and I haven't hardly uploaded anything yet. The only files that I'm uploading now are TIFF files, not the whole TWT because the whole TWT files are pretty big. I'm trying to do this whole page Free because I don't have to money to be paying a monthly fee for web space (I'm only in high-school you know!) but it's not working. Oh well, I'll figure something out soon.

Damn Microsfties!
Microsoft has desided to rip off Carmageddon's unique(or once unique) gameplay by creating a game called "Midtown Madness". CFC has a great article on this, so go check it out.

Carma Camera
If you didn't know, Carmageddon 2 has a few different camera views. All you have to do is hit the * button while playing, and you will cycle through some different views. So, if you don't like the way the game looks, change the view!


Ok, some real good news for me. Someone actually likes my site! The Carmageddon Fan Club has added my link and given me quite a nice comment. I'm sorry I haven't updated this site lately, but its the last week of the semester for me, so I had a lot of work to do. Now that I know that people actualy like this page, I should be updating it as regularely as I was before.

Oh man...ok, there has been a small mix-up in communications with Crimson of Crash 'N' Burn. I am not sure if all the people who's skins I have want them here because they may want to be exclusive to CnR. So I still have them here but they are not updated, so play go to Crash 'N' Burn to get the skins for a while instead of here. I will tell you when it is all cleared up.

Loading Screens
A couple people have made replacement loading screens for Carmageddon 2. Dukester's Meltdown has made one and so has Crimmo's Carmageddon 2 Site. So if you don't like the loading screen that you usually see, go check out those sites.

Die Anna
A new patch has been released that lets you play as Die Anna from the start of the game instead of Max Damage. If Die Anna was your favorite choice in Carmageddon, then go to the files section and download this patch now!

Tips and more Tips
The tips section a Pedestrian Presinct has been updated a couple times in the last few days. So like I said, If you like tips on how to do cool things, go there are get 'em.

Dodge Viper Car
The Carmageddon Fan Club is working on a Dodge Viper for Carmageddon 2. If you like the Dodge Viper as much as I do, you should be vrey excited


Skins, Skins, and more Skins
I've added a skins section to the page. You should be very please if you like skins, because I have a whole ton. but if you have a skin that isn't there and you want it there, then please email me about it, 'cause I'd be glad to put it up.

Toxic Rangers has got all the template for all the cars, and the peds. If you're in making skins, then go check them out. I hope to get them on this page soon, so look for them here too.


Even More Fun With Editing
The Carmageddon Fan Club has released another addition to their tutorials on editing in Carmageddon II. If you liked the guide, then go and check this one out!! They even show haow to do transparent effects in car skins

Hovering Helps
A new Black Eagle car replacement has been released. looks and drives like a real hover car. It is also very easy to install, and comes with a new mission that replaces race1 in Group2. the new mission puts you against some of the best opponents in Carmageddon II. You can download it here and also, it is in the Cars section.

New Carmageddon II Music
Carmageddon Fan Club, in cooperation with DC-10, has made the world's first ever home composed Carmageddon II Music! If you'd like some new music, then go and check it out.


Some Sections Updated
I now have a couple more sections updated so now they actually have stuff in them. These sections are Files and Cars. So if your looking for a car or a file that wasn't here when you were here last, It might be there now. So go and check.

Playing With the Plaything
Toxic Ragers has made a Tank with a simple design but it pretty effective. If you like to check it out you should. Because it's worth it

More fun with editing
The Carmageddon Fan Club has desided to be nice and created the first in a line of comprehensive guides to Carmageddon II editing. Check out Their guide on Basics of Texturing.

More Skins at Crash 'N' Burn
Crash 'N' Burn has released 7 more skins to their large archive of skins. So go check them out.

Euro Patch
There is now a vr. 2 patch for the european version of Carmageddon II. You can get it at SCI's Webpage. It fixes many bugs in the game and works on French/German/Italian/ Spanish versions. Click here to download it, or here for more information on the patch.

Some More Tips
Just letting you know that the tips and tricks section is updated at
Pedestrian Presinct.


No Real News
Nothing exciting really happend today. So I got some time to do little things. I put in a whole Bunch of new sections, most of which have nothing in them, But they will soon, Don't worry.


Time To Maul
The mauler is out and ready for the road. You can download it in the Cars section. I've Also put the Oscar Murder Mobile in there so you can download them both. But there's one problem, they both overwrite each other. So you're gonna have to choose between one or the other. If you want a pic of it, look down \/ \/ \/

Something Else
JM, from CFC, has edited the look of the Plow MK 2 model. He called it the DumVee. If you'de like some more info on it, go to The Carmageddon Fan Club and get it, 'cause it's his and I can't take credit for it.

If You Want to Know
I just need to tell people how this page is going to work. In each section (Cars, levels, peds, files, ect.) I will get all the files I can get rights on to put on this page. But the ones I don't get rights on I'll get a link to the page where you can get the files. I also will have some files of my own, If I can figure out how to use that damn Plaything two...


OK Here We Go
I'm starting to update stuff, But it all goin' to be new news!! If you want some old news go to Pedestrian Presinct or something, cause it ain't here. I'll have the files ect. , but not news. Anyway, here we go.

The Oscar Murder Mobile Guy is at it Again
The Guy who made the Oscar Murder Mobile has started work on the Mauler. It's real strong and handles real well.

He also, HOPEFULLY will be releasing the editor he uses to make his car. I have no idea when, though.

Crash 'N' Burn's on Fire
There are tons of new skins at Crash 'N' Burn. if you're waiting for some new cars to be released, this is the next best thing. Check 'em out.

Tips Tips Tips
If you'd like some cool tips and tricks. go to Pedestrian Presinct. And if you wnat them anywhen else go back there, 'cause I won't have many "tips" here, mostly just cheats. I'll try to inform you when they get them updated.

Plaything Thing
If you've used plaything2 you'll probably get this error
'Failure:Error! Screen format must be either 8bpp indexed or 16bpp (RBG:565) hi_colour. m_scree->type=4'

To fix the problem so that it all works, what you have to do is run "C:\ProgramFiles\DIRECTX\SETUP\dxtool.exe" and untick both boxes.

It'll work now, but to get your 3d card working afterwards you'll have to just tick the boxes again.


Welcome to this New Page
If you want info before ths page gets up and going go
here. I hope that you will visit this page again soon because I'll have a whole ton of information and files that you will want. If you don't like the layout of the page, please tell me, I have a few other ideas I can probably work with.


If you would like to use any info on this page or have any comments please e-mail me. this page is copyright of nothing, no rights reserved.